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The Florida Afterschool Network provides unified leadership to advocate for the development, enhancement, sustainability, and accessibility of evidenced based high-quality afterschool and summer programs and policies statewide.

State of Afterschool and Summer Learning in Florida

October 2019- State of Afterschool and Summer Learning in FloridaThe results from the statewide survey of afterschool and summer learning providers are in. This report utilized software to map responses by county. Paired with data from multiple sources, it reveals correlations between juvenile crime, child welfare and the lack of high-quality afterschool and summer learning. The report also points out the lack of geographic diversity currently available to meet the afterschool and summer learning needs of Florida’s children. Find out how your community compares.

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Florida Standards for Quality Afterschool Programs

group of children enjoying outdoor play during afterschool program; cover image for reportJUST RELEASED: The Florida Standards for Quality Afterschool  Programs (3rd Edition) define the core principles and best practices that lead to the delivery of quality programming for children and youth in afterschool programs.

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