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FAN connects with industry leaders to provide local programs access to best practices in the field of afterschool and summer learning. Below you will find links to free curriculum planning tools, reports, data sets, program information, as well as specific items for families and providers. We also publish a weekly newsletter accessible in the resource menu.

Quality Standards for Afterschool & Summer Learning

With the influx of recovery dollars flowing into local communities, local education leaders must consider how to offer students extra learning opportunities, before school, after school, and during the summer. Each of these out-of-school times presents challenges and opportunities. Let us help you design new programs or expand existing ones using research-based standards and innovative curricula.


Florida Fact Sheets

COVID-19 Recovery and the American Rescue Plan

Now more than ever, we have the power to be a game changer for everyone. Afterschool and summer learning programs were a lifeline for underserved communities before the pandemic, during the pandemic, and they can play a key role throughout the recovery phase. Afterschool and summer programs are uniquely positioned not only to address learning loss, but to help kids make social, emotional, and academic learning gains that are essential for their success.

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