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FAN connects with industry leaders to access information for best practices in the field of afterschool care. The following are links to reports, data sets, program information, as well as specific items for families and providers. We also publish a newsletter each month.

As more and more young people return to school buildings, and school leaders consider how to offer students extra learning opportunities through newly designed school days and school years, expanded learning programs are more essential than ever before. After a year of the pandemic, we cannot and should not expect our school buildings and our teachers alone to meet our students where they are, find ways to accelerate learning, and help young people succeed.

Now more than ever, expanded learning programs have the power to be a game changer for everyone. Afterschool and summer learning programs were a lifeline for underserved communities before the pandemic, and they can play a key role throughout recovery as families with limited resources struggle to adapt to newly designed school days and years and young people most impacted by the pandemic struggle to re-connect and re-engage with school. Afterschool and summer programs are uniquely positioned not only to address learning loss, but to help kids make social, emotional, and academic learning gains that are essential for their success.

Key Principles for Expanding Learning to Support Student Re-Engagement
Evidence-based Considerations for COVID-19 Reopening and Recovery Planning: Summer Learning with Academic and Non-Academic Activities (Wallace Foundation)
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