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Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics

STEM Learning

K-12 students spend just 20% of their 16 waking hours in school. More than 80% of their time is spent learning outside of school—at afterschool and summer programs, in libraries, at home, or in the community. All students need opportunities to engage in quality STEM learning experiences. Afterschool and summer programs provide hands-on learning opportunities and a natural space for students to explore, learn, and grow. These programs spark students’ interest in STEM and computer science subjects, expose them to future careers, and support school-day learning, all while developing a new generation of problem solvers.


STEM is an acronym for science, technology, engineering, and math. But STEM education is far more than just sticking those subject titles together. It’s a philosophy of education that embraces teaching skills and subjects in a way that resembles real life.

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Together with partners, the Florida Afterschool Network has curated a list of available and mostly free resources (organized by grade level) to help OST professionals weave STEM learning opportunties into existing programs.

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