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Igniting a Passion for Healthcare Careers with Little Medical School of the Treasure Coast 

Igniting a Passion for Healthcare Careers with Little Medical School of the Treasure Coast 

This is where future heroes are born. (image of adult and child in white doctor coats.)

Have you ever considered introducing children and youth to healthcare careers? With “Little Medical School,” you can! Little Medical School of the Treasure Coast operates from Sebastian to Miami delivering interactive, hands-on programs highlighting health, medicine, and animals! They not only offer after-school programs and summer camps, but can work directly with your team to provide something custom that fits your school’s needs. Whether it’s a 6-week program, an engaging summer camp, a spontaneous pop-up class, or a holiday class (build some stethoscopes for Heart Month this February), Little Medical School brings the wonders of medicine directly to your students. And because their team travels to you, they bring everything needed to conduct programs.

The White Coat Experience. A symbol of professionalism and aspiration, their informal White Coat Ceremony is the hallmark of most of their programs. During the very first class, students receive their white coats in a ceremony that marks the beginning of their journey into the world of medicine. 

  • Little Doctor School: Their flagship program, Little Doctor School, is designed to introduce students to the multifaceted world of medicine. Through role-play and activities, students learn the key responsibilities of a doctor and explore the heart, lungs, and digestion. Students use real medical instruments (stethoscope, reflex hammer, and blood pressure cuff) and practice scrubbing, suturing, and tying knots like a real surgeon. 
  • Little Veterinarian School: For the future veterinarians, Little Veterinarian School provides a unique opportunity to explore the realm of animal medicine. After “adopting” their very own plushie patients, students roleplay the key responsibilities of a veterinarian, including how to properly perform a nose-to-tail exam. Students learn how to sew stitches, remove ticks, make healthy treats, and vaccinate their dog. Plus there are cat and horse versions available as well! 
  • Wilderness Medicine School: In the spirit of adventure and exploration, their Wilderness Medicine School equips students with essential survival skills. Students explore some of the dangers in the wild such as bug bites, snake bites, and poisonous plants. Students learn how to splint a broken leg, tie a tourniquet, filter dirty water, the effects of hypothermia and 20 ways to use a bandana in emergencies. 
  • Sports Medicine School: Blending the worlds of health and sports, their Sports Medicine School is tailored for aspiring athletes and healthcare enthusiasts. Students explore the roles of an athletic trainer and orthopedic surgeon and learn how to diagnose and treat common sports injuries such as sprains, strains, and athlete’s foot. They explore the famous Tommy John (arm & elbow) surgery and make models of a hand, joint, and tendon.
  • For more information on how to partner with them, please contact their Program Director, Melanie Ortega. To learn more about Little Medical School of the Treasure Coast, you can visit https://www.littlemedicalschool.com/treasurecoast/ 

Help empower the next generation of healthcare heroes with Little Medical School!


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